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About us

About us

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Printing Print Plus Sp. z o.o. - Sp. partnership is a company that exists in his mission to cross the border the printing industry by addressing not only in print, for example, when the election campaign in 2010, we decided to print and logistics supply nearly 2 million ballots within 6 days. Companies managed by personnel with years of experience printing and manager '.

Such preparation allows us to accept orders that require high security guarantees niewydostania a freelance product out without the consent and knowledge of the client. By meeting these requirements served the National Electoral Commission in their entirety, namely: pre-press, printing and distribution of ballots.

Additionally, machines with extended five-color machine and a device for irradiating plates. This resulted in a significant increase in capacity, allowing them to support very demanding customers. The result of this we realized the contract in the contract for the international cosmetics group L'Oreal.


Janusz Karc